Mani Maestre è un brand di A.P.S. PARTENO
sede operativa  via Canetta, 12 - Varese 



Mani Maestre also aims to promote tourism and culture in the area, through sustainable tourist mobility projects.

The ancient village of Santa Maria can be reached through:



A free, ecological, tourist bus is the new initiative launched by the Municipality of Varese, in collaboration with the Local Public Transport Agency of the Como, Lecco and Varese basin and with Autolinee Varesine. Only on this line, the service is free. The bus involved will be one of the Mercedes Citaro Hybrids.


capella sacromonote.jpeg

The Sacro Monte of Varese is part of the group of nine Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy included in 2003 by UNESCO among the world heritage sites of humanity.

The route of the 14 chapels at the Sacro Monte di Varese climbs for 2 km, with a difference in altitude of approximately 300 m.

We start from the Prima Cappella area, where the Via Sacra begins.

The chapels represent the mysteries of the Christian faith, the Joyful Mysteries are from the first to the fifth chapel, the Sorrowful Mysteries are from the sixth to the tenth chapel, the Glorious Mysteries are from the eleventh to the fifteenth chapel, that is, the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte.